Ministry Needs

Want to become an intern for the Summer? All you have to do is fill this application out and mail it back to us by April 31st.

Ministry Needs List

  • Windows for Facility

  • Drywall projects at Club 180

  • Bunkroom Adoption at Club 180 (paint, decor, h/a unit)

  • Plumbing work needed

  • Electrical work needed

  • Landscaping needs

  • Trash Bags (13, 30, and 33 gallons)

  • Paper Towels

  • Liquid Hand Soap

  • Commercial Wire Rack from Sam's

  • Cleaning Supplies: Lysol Cleaner, Mr. Clean Surface

  • Bible Study Resources: Men's, Women's, Youth, Kids

Excel 180 (After School) Needs:

  • Canvas's, Paints/brushes, craft supplies

  • Capri Sun Drinks

  • Staple Items for cooking

  • Food City or Walmart Gift Cards for meat

Game Day 180 Needs:

  • Jersey's for players

  • Work on Gym Floor

  • New Accordion Bleachers

Esther's Closet Needs:

  • Baby Furniture

  • Diapers (sizes 3-6) & wipes

  • Baby wash, Shampoo, Lotion, Q-tips

  • Devotionals for Mom's/Bibles